6 thoughts on “ Money hopefully well spent ”

6 thoughts on “ Money hopefully well spent ”

I decided to go for it. I signed up for Matthew Hussey’s Man Myth videos. They cost ? but it’s a Saturday night and I’m staying in because I’m hungover from the night before so I figure I’ll take the ? I would have spent on a night out and spend it on some dating advice instead.

I watched the four hours of seminar all in one afternoon and evening. That’s an intense session of dating advice!

Like this:

I really believe in what this guy is saying. Or should I say I really WANT to believe in what this guy is saying. There were times when I felt truly excited about how powerful some of his stuff sounded. On the whole, I feel that I’m already doing 95% of what he says (and have been doing it for about 12 years, since I was 17) but it’s obviously that 5% that I’m not doing that’s making all the difference. I haven’t quite figured out exactly what that 5% is but I’m going to follow his advice perfectly and see if I get results.

Recruitment Consultant or Estate Agent is confident that they’ll find you the perfect job or the perfect house, so we’ll see…


A quick question: Was the price of the videos simply and not more? I was quite tempted to buy them and went pretty close to the purchase until I read that the initial American dollar price was $30, but there would be 6 additional charges of $70 to my credit card every month. It infuriated me. If it is really the case, I don’t think I will buy it. Did you have to pay more in installments later?

I think it was $28 or $29 when I signed up. You get access to quite a few videos for that price – certainly enough to give you plenty to work with. I never paid for the future installments because I felt the first lot were enough. But you have to remember to be quick about cancelling the monthly payment so you don’t get charged!

I don’t know what you look like, so it’s hard to chime in, but let me tell you a story and maybe that will help. Many years ago there was a Director of the San Francisco Opera whose name was Kurt, I think… I believe that was his name. Kurt was a giant… big boned German (I think) guy and if he hadn’t been busy directing the opera, he could have been playing left tackle for the Green Bay Packers. Kurt had a daughter who was reasonably attractive but of the exact same build. Well, you can imagine the reaction she would get if she gave the eye to one of the ‘cute’ little guys that couldn’t even try out for water boy. (Gimme a little exaggerative latitude here as I’m trying to make a point.) So, the daughter had a problem. As the daughter of the Opera Director she was socially ‘connected’ and she went to every affair in town and never seemed to hook up with a guy. We all knew about it because it was in the newspapers.

Well, she was no dummy, and she finally figured it out. She got a girlfriend of hers who had the same kind of build. And they found out where the San Francisco Forty Niners hung out which was in Santa Clara where the team practiced. Well, It was a long drive from SF to Santa Clara just for a couple of beers, but well worth the effort. Within a year there were wedding bells for both. Another anecdote comes to mind except with a religion group. It has been said that all the Mormon girls go to Brigham Young University in Utah to get their MRS degree. Maybe you haven’t been looking in all the right places.

Hi If you think you want Michael’s stuff (Get The Guy) , you can buy his book on Amazon Digital for eight bucks, fourteen for a paper copy.

BTW, every major city has singles groups… remember it’s like sales… it’s a numbers game. My old Sales Manager used to say ‘ If you offer it to enough people, someone will buy.”

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