The next day I went back, but the box was gone

The next day I went back, but the box was gone

I then started in on her love button, licking and sucking it, then doing with strokes of my tongue what she had taught me to do with my fingers

It was a little over a week later, during a backyard BBQ and pool party, before we were alone again. Sara went in to do the dishes, and made all the other women stay out and watch the kids. Her beige sun-dress almost made her look naked, a thought which I couldn’t have stopped anyway. So I followed her in, sliding my hands on her ass under her dress, pulling down her panties, then burying my face in her soft flaxen bush. Sara kept right on doing the dishes, acting as if nothing was happening, as her wet bush opened to my tongue. I drilled her tight hole and struck oils. I plunged into her twat with three of my fingers, and that did it, she dropped the dish right back into the sink and held onto the counter with both hands as her hips helplessly thrashed against my face from the throes of her titanic climax.

I pull out my trouser snake, the python she loved so much, and lifted her dress to plunge my full length into her in a single massive stroke. I rammed my rod into her, cushioned by those fabulous buns. I screwed her frantically, my hands on her hips, while she continued to climax. I didn’t last very long, and it was a good thing. I heard the back door close, and quickly grabbed her panties off the floor, stuffing them in my jacket. Her husband Rick came around the corner to find me getting lemonade from the fridge, Sara doing dishes, and was completely unaware of my cum dribbling down her thighs. She spent the rest of the party without her panties, and I took them with me when I left.

Within a few months I got my drivers license. She taught me everything a woman likes, even the secrets they don’t want you to know. Our affair ended up breaking up her marriage to Rick. I wanted to marry Sara, but my parents had other ideas, bribing with four years all expenses paid away at college. The secrets Sara taught me made me far too successful with women, and even though we wrote to each other month after month, year after year, eventually we each married someone else.

Sara & I started meeting after school, driving to one of her friends houses and making love until she had to rush home to fix dinner

It was nearly two e street in my old neighborhood, to the steps of her house. I stood on the steps, reviewing how my endless affairs had wrecked both my marriages, leaving me homeless and able to see my own children only one weekend per month. I had flown home for the summer to nurse my psychic wounds. There was no answer to the bell, so I went around back. Sara was there, sunning herself by the pool in a black vinyl string bikini that revealed she still had a fabulous body. Deep into her late fifties, she was still the most beautiful and erotic woman I’d ever known. I let myself in, kissed her, smothering all her questions with my mouth, nearly ripping her bikini from her body in my passion to see her naked again. I begged her to let me taste her sweet slit, and she lowered herself onto my face, while she swallowed the full length of my shaft down her throat. We stayed like that for a long time, through two full climaxes where I spurted down her throat, and countless quimquakes for her. Finally, we came up for air as she kissed me, burying my bone in her soft furrow. We rolled over into doggy style. Then I saw him in the patio door. He was big and muscular, with dark salt and pepper hair. He strode toward us like a conquering hero, and I thought I was done for. When he reached Sara’s head, he just dropped his black pants, pulled off his T-shirt to reveal the sort of muscled chest you see on the cover of romance novels, and caressed her hair. Sara immediately yanked down his briefs to stuff his sausage size prick in her mouth. I came inside Sara, mostly out of relief at still being alive, and we took her upstairs, to the bed where it all started. We spent the next two days screwing Sara with our massive fuck tools in every orifice she had.

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