What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back?

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back?

Does An Ex Viewing Your Snapchat And Instagram Stories Mean Anything?

There is one singular exception when you’re looking at Snapchat and Instagram stories. But before I talk about that, let’s talk about why I believe it doesn’t mean too much. People read way too much into this and it doesn’t always have to mean something. So I always view an ex watching your Snapchat or Instagram stories as normal behavior, since it is a normal behavior.

So the only difference with Snapchat and Instagram is that it gives you the ability to directly see who’s viewing your stories. Right? This isn’t really possible with a website or app like Facebook or Twitter. Maybe there is, Twitter. I’m not really sure. I’m not real well versed in Twitter. I don’t know how many people really use Twitter for dating. I mean, I’m sure it exists, but most times they won’t let you see who’s watching your stories or your feeds or your post or viewing your profile. This isn’t LinkedIn, right?

So what’s interesting about it is because Snapchat and Instagram gives you the ability to view someone’s stories and make them aware of that fact, it’s getting a light shone onto it.

And it sort of creates all of these questions on if it means something and what does it mean? But ultimately it’s just a difference of visibility, right? The normal behavior we know, close to 90% of people will spy on their exes after a breakup.

Some people use Snapchat and Instagram, some people use Facebook, some people use any other dating apps or WhatsApp or things that they’re sort of looking at after the breakup. Or was the norm throughout their relationship.

But when you take that behavior, the only difference between Snapchat and Instagram and a website like Facebook or an app like Facebook is that it just gives you visibility on who’s spying on you. Right? Facebook doesn’t do that.

So I mean your ex could be spying on you through Facebook just as much, but since it doesn’t give you the ability to see if they’re spying on you or not, you would never know. But Snapchat and Instagram does. So obsessing too much about the meaning of what I consider to be a normal behavior can lead you to hot or not vs tinder look extremely insecure and desperate.

Don’t be the girl that asks your ex, “Hey, why did you view my story?” It almost proves to them that you’re thinking about them and you ultimately lose your value. And I actually have a personal story to share with this.

My Embarrassing Personal Story

So when I grew up, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, they weren’t really in existence. They didn’t exist. The big social media platform that everyone used was Myspace, which isn’t even a thing anymore. But Myspace was famous for having these profiles that you could create much like Facebook, but anytime you would go onto someone’s profile, you could also have music accompanying that profile, right.

And so when I was a high schooler, right, I wasn’t really savvy with the normal dating behaviors of today and didn’t sort of grow into the human being that I am right now. I would obsess about this anytime I would like a girl. Right. So I remember there was this one specific girl who was named Dani, right? D-A-N-I, right. She was this very, very beautiful blonde girl. And I had a huge crush on her, right. And her brother and my brother were both friends. They were both younger brothers for both of us.

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